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Josh Hamilton Movie is Coming

Quite frankly, it’s taken far too long for this to happen.  From the moment Josh Hamilton won his American

Josh Hamilton's life is going to be made into a movie. (Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)

League MVP in 2010, movie executives should have been breaking down the doors to the Rangers clubhouse for a shot at the Hamilton life story.  From superstar prospect to the gutter and back.  The story of Josh Hamilton’s phoenix-like rise from the dead.  That’s your tag line.  Stamp it, trademark it, and give me some royalties.

According to ESPN Dallas, Casey Affleck (that’s Ben’s little brother for those who don’t know) will direct the movie.  There’s been little doubt from the time Hamilton rejuvenated his career that the story was fit for Hollywood.  It’s just a surprise that it’s taken so long.  Maybe they needed just one more relapse before committing to the project.

No matter the case, Hamilton’s story is one that deserves the attention.  Those covering the rumor mill, myself included, will talk about Hamilton’s impending free agency, his value, and the risks involved with a big contract.  But the fact is, Hamilton has shown time and again he’s dedicated to remaining sober.  If he falls off the wagon, he gets right back on and pushes through.  While there are clearly some jokes to be made about the upcoming movie, Hamilton’s life is truly an inspirational tale.

Hamilton is in his sixth Major League season.  He spent three years on the restricted list due to his troubles.  Already in those six years, Hamilton has put up 140 homes run and accumulated 23.2 WAR.  At 31 years old, he is in his prime and has a chance to write the sequel to this upcoming movie with his future performances.

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