The O's aren't interested in bringing back Bedard. Image: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Orioles Not Interested in Erik Bedard

Ok, this one I don’t get.

In the past week, the Baltimore Orioles, who have one of the worst starting rotations in baseball, have added Joe Saunders (who allowed four runs in his first inning of work in his O’s debut Wednesday night) and will sign Brewers castoff Randy Wolf, he of the 5.69 ERA. Somehow, despite all that, they have no interest in adding a pitcher in Bedard that has A) had success in the AL East, B) struck out nearly a batter per inning this year, C) costs them next to nothing, and D) is better than either lefty they just picked up.

Look, I get that Bedard has a reputation as being a bit of a malcontent and surely the Orioles, as his former employer, would be well aware of whatever challenges he would bring to the clubhouse. But if you’re a club that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in 15 years, don’t you think you’d place talent above chemistry with 35 games to go in the season?

Neither Bedard nor Wolf has been great this year, obviously, or they wouldn’t be available. Both have pitched in some bad luck. The difference is that Bedard has shown the ability this season to dominate. Wolf has never had the pure stuff that Bedard features. I’m not sure why it has to be a one or the other scenario for the O’s, but if it is, I can see no on-the-field reason for Baltimore to be more interested in the lesser pitcher.

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  • Tim Coughlin

    Agreed. Hard to believe the Pirates would straight-up release him rather than find a way to keep him around, just in case, so there must be more to it. He’d at least make a quality lefty reliever if he was willing to do it.

    A quick heads-up: The word “lessor” means one who grants a lease.

  • Ken Francis

    John, The points you bring up for bringing him back make sense. As for his label as a malcontent, I think it’s a little unfair. When the Orioles first brought him up, he hadn’t been in the States more than a few years, and people tend to forget that English is his second language, so there was awkwardness in interviews with Baltimore reporters.

    However, if you watch his interviews as a Mariner, he was much more relaxed and friendly. As for teammates, I never heard Brian Roberts or Nick Markakis have anything bad to say about him, and if I recall correctly, B-Rob even said he’s miss Erik. I also remember reading about fishing trips in Florida during spring training in which Bedard would take part. He has had a reserved personality, but that doesn’t make him a clubhouse cancer.

    I’m just wondering how definite the Orioles are about not wanting him. Sure, Roch, has his sources at the warehouse and they’re solid ones, but that was yesterday, so they may have second thoughts in a day or so. It’s not like teams are breaking down the door to get him.