Need a Quick Way to Calculate WAR? Pollis has You Covered

Are you one of those “traditional” baseball fans who don’t have the first clue what WAR is or how to use it? Maybe you fancy yourself a student of the advanced metrics, but don’t want to do the complicated math needed to project a given player’s value? Either way, Lewie Pollis of Wahoo’s on First has a handy tool to make everything, well, simple.

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Pollis’ work does a great job of making WAR accessible to the unwashed masses (including myself) who would maybe like to use these types of advanced metrics more often, but are unable to grasp the bigger concepts needs to do or. Or even those of us who are just too lazy to learn the formulas necessary.

The format is simple, the calculations are rough and subjective, but it’s a useful tool to find a quick approximation of a given player’s value.

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