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Braves Could Still Sign Bourn

Even after inking center fielder B.J. Upton to a sizable contract in November, the Braves could still be in the running for the services of free agent Michael Bourn according to recent quotes from general manager Frank Wren. However, Wren went on to clarify that all he really meant is that the door isn’t closed from the organization’s end. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be putting a whole lot of effort into making a deal happen.

A fit between the two parties would seem an unlikely one at this point, as it would force the Braves to use Bourn in left field, a prospect the speedy outfielder would seem unlikely to have much interest in. Looking at his career UZR performance, such reluctance would be more than understandable, as Bourn’s defensive prowess is such that it should be Upton who shifts were both players on board, especially considering corner outfielders are supposed to have some kind of power.

No matter how politically correct the Braves are trying to be in not burning their bridges here, it appears that their choice has already been made: they’ve gone with Upton over Bourn. Both players being well-balanced types with multiple tools at their disposal and in the midst of their primes, either option has its merits, but Upton, nearly two years younger and possessing considerably more power, seems to have struck Atlanta’s fancy more.

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