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Jorge Posada Likes His Family, Not Returning to Baseball

For anyone who cares, Jorge Posada isn’t interesting in making a comeback. According to recent quotes that appeared in the New York Post, the long-time Yankee is enjoying the extra time spent with his family and has no desire to return to the game after announcing his retirement following the 2011 season.

Posada, 41, spent at least part of 17 total seasons for the Yankees, playing the great majority of his games behind the plate. Considering how little offense teams are accustomed to getting from their backstops, Posada’s career numbers are particularly impressive: he’s a .273/.374/.474 hitter with a .367 wOBA, and despite being pretty awful defensively based on UZR data, he still managed to produce a total of 46.7 WAR according to FanGraphs.

Certainly, Posada can expect to go down as one of the better hitting catchers in history, but his 2011 numbers (.714 OPS) indicated a sharp decline at the plate, and his days of squatting behind it were clearly over. The former 24th round pick in the 1990 amateur draft had a very nice career with a very successful franchise, but a comeback would not appear to be a very wise decision, even if a few other former Yankees have displayed a penchant for such acts in the past.

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  • Bill B

    Mr Hendricks. Your article is informative. It is a pleasure to hear anything about this great Yankee.Yet I sense some revisionism creeping into your article. This catcher had outstanding offensive numbers for a catcher. He also had an excellent eye at the plate. Notice his walks and strikeouts. My vivid memories of he his defense was that he made bigp lays and could call an excellent game behind the plate. This man was a tremendous catcher. He also was very tough physically. i realize you did not intentionally criticize him yet I wanted to insure that his memory is kept accurate for other young Yankee fans. Thank you.

  • Bill B

    Please one more item. Posada has stats similar to Berra. Look at them. Berra has been memorialized deservedly but look at the numbers. Posada actually is better than my first post.

    • Aaron Somers

      You’re right Bill. Posada was one of the greats – not just in Yankee history but in baseball history when you look strictly at the catcher position. He was largely overshadowed for much of his career, however, which is perhaps why some don’t give him the credit he’s always deserved.