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Vote for the 2013 SABR Analytics Research Awards

Introducing a new series of annual awards, the Society for American Baseball Research (or SABR) has set out to recognize some of the best baseball writing conducted in the previous year. The awards are split among a handful of categories including analysis, contemporary commentary, and historical commentary. Voting is open to the public and the results will be announced at this year’s SABR Analytics Conference, which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of March.

As most of you know, Call to the Pen is one of the cornerstone sites with FanSided MLB and the FanSided Network – a fact we’re pretty proud of here. One of our own here within FS MLB, Lewie Pollis, has been named as a finalist for a SABR Analytics Research Award in the Contemporary Commentary category. Lewie is our Senior Editor at Wahoo’s on First, our Cleveland Indians site, and is up against some tough competition for the award so we want to put as much support behind him as we can.

Voting can be done from any one of four different locations including SABR’s homepage and Baseball Prospectus. Links to all four options can be found over at WoF.

The deadline to cast your vote is February 21st.

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