Eric Hosmer has been named the replacement for Mark Teixeira on the World Baseball Class Team USA roster after Teixeira injured his wrist. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Hosmer Replaces Mark Teixeira on Team USA WBC Roster

With Mark Teixeira sidelined with a wrist injury, Team USA replaced him on the World Baseball Classic roster with the Kansas City Royals Eric Hosmer.

Was this the right move for Team USA? Only time will tell. What it was for them was the convenient move.

Eric Hosmer’s team trains in Arizona near where Team USA will play its WBC games. He is a good fielder, which can play an important part in close games the team will most likely be in. And he is a left handed bat with some power that the team was missing.

Almost all of the power from the USA lineup comes from the right side. Hosmer’s bat will even that out a little bit.

Everyone likes to point out that Hosmer had a down year last year in only his second season in the big leagues. He did, but he is learning and perhaps the best part of the addition of Hosmer is his spring bat.

Hosmer, for some odd reason, hits great in the spring. Last spring he hit .398 with five home runs in 28 games. He had 33 hits and would take a walk. The year before he hit two home runs in 13 games and hit .450. So far this spring he is hitting .391 with a home run in eight games.

Team USA will need offense, and Eric Hosmer can hopefully help deliver that. The world will see as Team USA starts its quest for its first WBC title on Friday March 8 against Mexico.

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