Kyle Lohse has reportedly agreed terms with the Brewers - three years and #33 million Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Lohse (Again)

Two days ago I explained that the new CBA rules on draft picks and slot money were not the reason Kyle Lohse was still without a job, but that his contract and salary demands are simply too high for a number three/four starter.  This morning Buster Olney – @Buster_ESPN – confirmed that with this tweet.

A quick look around the leagues shows that his requested salary is the same as Jake Peavy and more than C.J. WilsonAnibal Sanchez, Dan Haren, and Ryan Dempster. Dan Haren is particularly interesting because in the past three years he’s been about the same but slightly better pitcher.

Haren 3.75 100 7 650 104 1.19 8.9 1.1 1.7 7.6 4.4
Lohse 3.76 81 1 491 101 1.25 9.1 0.8 2.1 5.6 2.68

Haren is 32, Lohse 34.  Haren compiled his numbers in the AL West without a pitcher in the opposing lineup while Lohse was in the weaker hitting NL Central. At the end of last season the Angels let Haren walk without a qualifying offer.  Lohse turned down a better contract than the $13M Haren eventually received; a $13.5M qualifying offer from St Louis.

All Lohse has to do to get a job is accept a reasonable salary and contract length for his age based on his career.  His agent should  stop whining that “The integrity of the game is very damaged. . .” by the new CBA when it’s only the future of his personal fortune that’s affected. No one believes it and right now Kyle Lohse is unemployed because of it.

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