Miguel Olivo's unhappy about his playing time in Miami and now finds himself on the restricted list. He's hoping the team chooses to release him instead. (Image Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Miguel Olivo Placed on Restricted List, Wants Release From Miami Marlins


Miguel Olivo appears to be the latest member of the Miami Marlins to express his dissatisfaction with how the organization has been performing, but he’s not sitting by quietly about that frustration. Olivo was placed on the restricted list by the team late Saturday morning, according to Joe Cappozi of The Palm Beach Post. Olivo has since expressed his desire for the team to simply release him so that he can pursue an opportunity elsewhere.

Cappozi later added additional details of what has been transpiring between Olivo and the team. He’s previously expressed his unhappiness over playing time, even telling Manager Mike Redmond yesterday that he was quitting. Olivo was in the clubhouse and took batting practice with the team, but as the National Anthem began he was reportedly in the dugout changing into street clothes. A team official tried to get him to wait for a member of the front office to come in before leaving, but Olivo chose not to wait. As expected, none of Olivo’s teammates and coaches were pleased with the decision.

Through 80 PA on the year Olivo has batted just .203/.250/.392 with four home runs. He’d joined the Marlins towards the end of Spring Training after being released by the Cincinnati Reds. The limited playing time appears to be the main catalyst behind Olivo’s frustrations, as the Marlins are carrying two other catchers – Rob Brantly and Jeff Mathis – on their active roster. Olivo hasn’t started since May 12th and once Mathis rejoined the team from the disabled list on May 14th Olivo’s at bats became even less frequent.

Miami could look to trade Olivo rather than simple release him. They could also leave him on the restricted list, where he won’t collect any pay while remaining under the team’s control. Given the public nature of his actions and the minimal production that he’s provided in recent years, it’s tough to see another organization actually offering up anything of value in exchange for a disgruntled backup catcher.

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