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The Mets Should Stay Clear of Brandon Phillips

Rumors have now begun to circulate about Brandon Phillips‘ time in Cincinnati being over. With the Reds now apparently shopping the highly talented second basemen, the Mets should stay as far away as they can from this situation.

Many fans believe that Brandon Phillips would be a quality addition to the Mets lineup, especially with his ability to bat in multiple spots in the lineup. While Phillips is an All-Star and a defensive wizard, he isn’t the answer to the Mets problems.

One of the few positions the Mets have shored away is second base. Daniel Murphy has taken control of the position and unless he is traded or injured, will be starting Opening Day 2014. Murphy is younger and had a better OBP and SLG than Phillips in 2013. Add to that the salary, where Murphy is about $7 million less that Phillips and it makes no sense to bring in Phillips. Besides for a potential defensive upgrade, Phillips doesn’t bring anything to the Mets that Murphy can’t. In the two full seasons that Murphy has been the full-time second baseman, his defense has improved with each game.

The Mets have a ton of other issues to solve. They need to figure out the outfield, shortstop, what the rotation will look like and the grab-bag bullpen that Sandy Alderson loves to throw together every off-season. With an already limited spending capability , spending money on an unneeded talent like Phillips would only hinder Alderson’s ability to bring in the talent at positions the Mets needed filled.

Any trade the Mets would make for Phillips would, of course, have to include at least B rated prospects. Prospects like that Alderson has been reluctant to move in the past and will only move for an impact, power bat that can play the outfield. The Mets have been connected to plenty of those types of players, where they are going to need those B prospects.

Now this doesn’t mean that the Mets won’t be rumored to have interest in Phillips or at least make a phone call. Sandy Alderson is always looking to make the Mets better, no matter how that may be. That included trading Carlos Beltran in the midst of a fantastic season. No fan looks back on that trade badly. If Alderson is interested in Phillips, it doesn’t mean he will pull the trigger. Figuring out what the Reds are planning to do can help Alderson figure out a plan for the off-season, one that could include signing current Reds OF Shin-Soo Choo.

Rumors and speculation are to always be taken with a grain of salt here in the off-season, but don’t be surprised if Alderson makes phone calls to the Reds. He’s going to call every team. Alderson is always ready to pull the trigger on a trade, no matter who the player is. If he can make the team better, it interests Alderson.

With one of the most highly anticipated off-seasons for the Mets in recent memory right around the corner, the rumors have begun. As a fan, it’s important to just be patient and wait to see what comes out of Sandy Alderson’s mouth.

When it comes to Brandon Phillips, it’s a no-brainer. He doesn’t make the Mets better. He doesn’t fill a position they need to upgrade; and he would cost them prospects. The Mets should and will stay clear of Brandon Phillips.

This is only the beginning of the circus that is the off-season. Buckle up and enjoy, it’s going to be one the best off-seasons in recent memory.

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