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Mattingly: "I don't want to be anywhere I'm not wanted"

Dodgers manager felt like a “lame duck”.

During the Los Angeles Dodgers final presser of the year, manager Don Mattingly and GM Ned Colletti were questioned on various topics, but one that resounded the most was of the status of the Dodgers skipper. According to Ken Gurnick of, Colletti was unwilling to engage that topic. Mattingly, on the other hand, was not hesitant.

“I like being here, but I don’t want to be anywhere I’m not wanted. In New York, at one point, there was talk of trading me. I felt I can play anywhere. I always have confidence in myself. If they don’t want you and don’t think you’re capable of doing the job, but I don’t know how everybody feels, if there are people that don’t feel the same way.” – Mattingly

It’s apparent that Mattingly feels as if the ownership didn’t have confidence in his ability to run the team. He referred to the situation as a “lame duck”. Thise rarely work out the way his did. Mattingly added that “…it gets to that point where three years in you either know or you don’t”.

Mattingly would like to be informed as to how he stands as soon as possible. With Jim Leyland retiring today, the retirement of Davey Johnson in DC and firing of Dusty Baker in Cincinnati, there’s at least three jobs he would surely have a legitimate shot attaining.

Also of note is that when Colletti opened the presser, he began by saying meetings in regards Mattingly’s status would be held this week. Those same meetings would also entail Mattingly’s staff and preparations for the 2014 season.

Team president Stan Kasten was not present.

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