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BoggsCollectibles have long been a big part of being a sports fan and for some of us that never-ending search for that latest unique item to add to the mix is half the fun. Baseball cards have long been viewed as the typical collectible for most baseball fans, but the reality is that there’s as much available on that collectibles market as you could possibly imagine. Topps has been a staple in that baseball card market since 1952 and as they strive to continually find new and creative ways to meet the needs of their collectors.

Topps recently unveiled Archive Prints, a large collection of vintage art prints featuring digitally-remastered original Major League Baseball card artwork. For the first time ever, baseball fans can hang their favorite childhood baseball heroes, in the iconic Topps card design, on the walls of their sports room, man cave, or office. FanSided and Call to the Pen are bringing you your chance to win one.

Topps currently features more than 1,000 original Archive Prints of the biggest names in Major League Baseball from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Each print starts out by locating the actual physical card from the Topps archives and then painstakingly re-mastering the artwork with a team of designers. Every aspect of the print is designed to preserve the look and feel of the original card, from the printing pattern to the slightly worn edges. Prints are currently available for 23 of the 30 MLB teams.

All Archive Prints are officially licensed by Major League Baseball, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Major League Alumni Marketing Association and are available exclusively at

With the 2013 World Series upon us, the good folks at Topps have teamed up with us here at FanSided for a chance for some lucky collectors to add an Archive Print to their collection. Win one for yourself or one for someone else (these make great holiday gifts!). Enter today.

SmithTo enter, here’s all you’ll need to do:

  1. Leave us a comment here on this post. Make sure that you include your first and last name and your favorite team.
  2. Sign up for FanSided Daily (unless you’re already a subscriber) to receive email alerts with news on your favorite MLB team.
  3. Tell us about your favorite baseball moment. Your #ToppsMoment. It could be a game you were able to attend, a player you got to meet, or even your favorite baseball card from when you were just a kid. Whatever it is, tell us about it.

The promotion begins today – October 21, 2013 – and entries must be received no later than 12:00 PM EST of the day following the conclusion of the 2013 World Series. Entrants will be grouped by team affiliation and a single winner from each team will be chosen at random. Each winner will receive a print of their choice from the available  team selection.

Topps is also offering FanSided’s readers the unique chance not only to win one of these Archive Prints for free, but also to purchase them at a great discount with that holiday season rapidly approaching. From now until 12/1/13 just use promo code “FANSIDED” at on any apparel or Archive Prints and receive 30% off your purchase.

Enter today to take your chance at winning a Topps Archive Print, give the fine folks at Topps a follow on Twitter (@toppsshop) or Facebook and stick with FanSided and Call to the Pen (@CalltothePen) for all of your MLB news and analysis this offseason.

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  • Ryan Ritchey

    Ryan Ritchey (Reds) Being at Great American Ball Park on Opening Day with my dad in 2005 for a Joe Randa walk-off homer the first of its kind in Cincinnati Reds history #ToppsMoment

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  • Joe Gutowski

    Joe Gutowski (Tigers) — I still remember being at the game in 1984 when the Tigers clinched the AL East during that magical season. Although I had watched more significant games on TV that year (Morris’ no-no, Bergman’s HR, etc.), to be there during that celebration is something that still stands out to me in my sports memory even almost 30 years later.

  • dcs_foyle

    Eric Ritchie (Rangers) — My #toppsmoment would have to be May 2, 1991. The day after Nolan Ryan threw his 7th No-Hitter my dad showed me the cover of the Dallas paper and explained why it was such a big deal. I had been to a game but until that day I hadn’t really cared about baseball. I was eight years old, I’ve been a huge fan of the Rangers ever since.

  • Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones (Braves) – My best memory from collecting baseball cards has to be Christmas 1994. After having suffered through a lost playoffs that season, I was burning for baseball. We were not a wealthy family by far, and that Christmas my two older brothers and I were taken to Sam’s Club and told to pick one thing $40 or less (it’s still amazing that my parents were able to scrounge up $120 for us that year; I don’t think they got anything themselves). I found a HUGE set of baseball cards. I mean, this thing had over 2000 cards, all mixed from different companies like Score, Donruss, Topps, Classic, and Upper Deck. On Christmas morning, I tore into them, and found a Greg Maddux jumbo card. It was worth more than the $40 Dad paid for it. Thankfully, I still have those cards today.

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  • Philip Schneider

    Philip Schneider (Reds)…I have two favorite moments. My first was back in 2000. I attended a three game series at Riverfront Stadium between the Reds and Padres. The final game of that series would be my last game at Riverfront. It was very special because Aaron Boone hit a walk-off home run to win the game and sweep the series. My second moment came in 2010. I sat in the front row in the left field corner on the night that Jay Bruce hit the walk-off home run to clinch the division for the Reds. Two innings before, Drew Stubbs almost hit a home run where I was sitting, but it bounced off the wall for a double.

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  • Linda Krause

    Linda Krause (Brewers) My #ToppsMoment was waiting by the radio and TV in college for my childhood hero, Robin Yount to get his 3000th hit. I think I skipped a couple of classes so I wouldn’t miss the moment. Hearing Bob Uecker’s call, “The 0-1 pitch…swings and there it is!” and seeing the normally reserved Yount raise his arms in celebration still gives me chills today. I also have fond memories from my childhood of riding my bike to the convenience store to buy baseball cards. I would even eat the stick of gum included in the pack.

  • Zach Haile

    Zach Haile (Reds) My favorite baseball moment actually came in a loss in the 1999 one-game wildcard tie-breaker when Al Lieter shutout the Reds. Despite being eight years old, I can still remember the exact feeling as I watched my hopes crumble. I learned such a valuable lesson from my dad that day as I sat there crying and he told me that each year that ends in disappointment just brings that much more optimism for the next season. I’ve been living by that model since…Bring on 2014 for the Reds!

  • Zachary

    Zach Loesl (Brewers) My #toppsmoment would be watching Prince Fielder hit a homer off the Miller Park scoreboard. I never expected to see such a long homer be hit at a game I attended.

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  • Greg McDougall

    Greg McDougall (Tigers) My #toppsmoment would be during 1984 World Series when Kirk Gibson sent a rocket into the second deck off Rich Gossage. (“He don’t want to walk you”)

  • Todd Ellis

    Todd Ellis (Pirates) My #toppsmoment would have to be watching the combined Francisco Cordova/Ricky RIncon 10 inning no-hitter. Mark Smith, one of many nobodies I got to know over the last 20 years hit a three run homer in the 10th to seal the victory. Not many great moments to pick off since I started watching baseball in the late 80s, but this one will always stick out.

  • bigdaddyfilth

    Vic Dascanio (Pirates) My #toppsmoment was the entire 2013 season for the Buccos Cutch, Pedro, Marte, Cole, Grilli, Lirano, AJ and Walker…. #bestseasonever!!!

  • Aaron Somers

    Thanks for all of the submissions folks! You should be hearing directly from Topps in the near future if you’ve won a Topps Archive Print.