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New York Mets to Trade Pitching?

Would the Mets consider trading Wheeler and/or Syndergaard?

Before New York Mets fans think GM Sandy Alderson has completely fallen off his rocker, read the following quote and take a few to digest what he’s saying (via Dan Martin of The New York Post).

“People have inquired about pitching,” Alderson said on WFAN. “Pitching is something we want to conserve, but in the right deal, pitching is available.”

And Martin adds this…

“One guy I would probably not consider moving is (Noah) Syndergaard,” Alderson said. “But you never say never.”

While there’s no mystery that Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard are deemed “off-limits” or “untouchable” by the club, if a team approaches Alderson with a deal that includes one or both and will improve the Mets for the now and the future, he has to take it. Alderson must be completely blown away by such a deal. Martin alludes to this point within his article.

To think that Alderson is openly shopping the organization’s young arms is incorrect, and he plainly states such.

The two players the Mets seem willing to dpart with are Ike Davis and Lucas Duda. Well, depends on how much stock you put into the rumor mill. Both Davis and Duda were mentioned this past week during the GM meetings. Alderson acknowledged that neither is being asked about more than the other, but there is interest.

What may have spurred all this was manager Terry Collins noting that the team needed someone to protect David Wright in the Mets batting order. That makes sense.

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