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Ryan Braun Making Amends?

Ryan Braun makes first public appearance since suspension.

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun made a public appearance today. Appearing at the We Are Feeding Milwaukee food drive outside Miller Park, Braun took a few moments to chat with the local media. The clip you’re about to see is not quite fifteen minutes in length.

You had to figure many of the questions Braun fielded would be asked. I did anticipate a question or two pertaining to Dino Laurenzi Jr., the sample collector publicly chastised by Braun following the appeal of a 50-game suspension. I didn’t expect him being asked anything regarding financial matters. As Braun stated, no payments have been made. What was a surprise was hearing Braun and his fiancée Larisa Fraser had dinner with the Laurenzi family the previous evening.

Braun stated he regrets having done that now infamous press conference. I’ve personally been waiting for that one.

“I’m not really going to get into too many specifics. I wish that I hadn’t done the press conference. It was a big mistake. I deeply regret having done it, and a lot of the things that I said that day.

“But again, all I can do is move forward, and in an effort to do that I’m not going to get into too many specifics. I really don’t think that it does anything too positive or productive for me, for the team, for the game of baseball or anybody else. And in an effort to move forward, I’m not going to discuss that subject.”

I wasn’t going to count the number of times Braun stated that he wasn’t going to “go into specifics”. It was numerous and a part of the majority of his responses.

I did like Braun’s response to the question concerning his Hall of Fame chances.

“I haven’t even thought that far ahead and I think it’s almost disrespectful to even discuss the Hall of Fame. I’ve only played in the league for less than seven years, so at some point down the line we can have that conversation…”

Kind of ironic that the HOF ballot came out only yesterday.

And what about if Braun believes he can play at the same level…

“I think I’ll be better. I should be better.”

Braun is in a no-win situation, as are many of those that have been entangled by the PED web. If their performance drops, it was the PEDs. If they maintain or actually improve their performance, they’ll be labeled as still using.

Bruan still has two years $22MM remaining on his current contract. The extension he signed in April 2011 will kick in beginning with the 2016 season. Over the five years of that extension, he is due $105MM.

And there’s this. From Today’s TMJ4 is reaction from the Twitterverse. Seems the road for Braun will be arduous.

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