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Cyber Monday SALE from MLB and A+E Networks Home Entertainment

As some of us are out and about for today’s Black Friday, there’s some exciting news regarding Cyber Monday from MLB and A+E Networks Home Entertainment and their Special Fall Classic SALE only on iTunes!

MLB fans will have the unique opportunity to download every World Series movie ever made from 1943 to 2012 for a special price of $9.99 (SD)/$12.99 (HD)! That’s a total of 67 Classic MLB-produced films! Now this sale price runs only from December 2 through January 7. After that, these movies will return to their normal price of $14.99 for SD and $19.99 for HD.

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So what about the 2013 World Series movie? Glad you asked. It will also be available for download at a special price of $12.99 (SD)/$14.99 (HD) until December 10. After December 10, the price will return to $14.99 (SD)/$19.99 (HD).

Almost everyone knows a MLB fan that would love to relive the season where his/her team captured the

Head over to iTunes and download the movie so you can enjoy your favorite team’s moment in the sun! (That sounds especially nice for those experiencing cold conditions today!)

On MLB’s iTunes page, baseball fans now have access to more than 100 titles! There’s original new productions to dozens of classic titles like the World Series movies of the past. These are by way of the Major League Baseball Productions Film & Video archive. There’s also MLB Advanced Media’s classic games library with hundreds of other archived games. And don’t forget podcasts and mobile apps like At Bat, the top grossing sports app of all time.

And while you’re there at the iTunes store, don’t forget to download the FanSided app, too! It’s free and free is AWESOME!!! You can customize the app to include all posts from Call to the Pen! (Just a subtle hint…)

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