Elvis Andrus Dares Derek Holland to Tongue a Foul Pole In Rangers' "A Christmas Story" Spoof


This is kind of a cool way for a team to send out Christmas greetings to their fans. It’s definitely better than some weak Christmas card. It shows a little creativity at least.

I mean who doesn’t love a good Christmas Story spoof? They picked the perfect scene to parody as well. It’s definitely the scene everyone remembers from that movie. Except maybe for the scene where Darren McGavin gets the leg lamp. Or where little Ralphie gets soap poisoning and goes blind. Or when they’re changing the tire and Ralphie swears.

Wow, there are lots of memorable scenes in that movie. The Rangers can keep doing these every year until they’ve done the entire film. Piece of advice though? Lose the camel and the weird big-head guy in the background. A Texas camel? I don’t get that.

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