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Jonathan Papelbon and the Very Bad Christmas Wardrobe Choice

What was Jonathan Papelbon thinking when he threw this little ensemble together? Actually forget the outfit, what is going on with the whole head area? Is that you Jeff Kent?

You know how they say you should look at yourself in the mirror and remove the first accessory that catches your eye? Papelbon needed to do that about four times with this. And then stick his head in an un-Jeff-Kentifier. I just can’t get past that whole thing.

I’m seeing Jeff Kent. And then I’m seeing Ryan Gosling playing a mentally disturbed person in a whimsical farce co-starring, I don’t know, Greta Gerwig or someone.

But really, you know what I’m mostly seeing? A washed-up relief pitcher on mushrooms. No wonder the Phillies are trying so hard to trade him.

Major league general managers, do you really want this man in your clubhouse? He is wearing bells on his tie! At least I hope those are bells.


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