Matt Harvey Picks Girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna's Nose


“Wait honey you’ve got a little something. Hold still. Yeah I got it. No I didn’t get it. It’s still up there. Let me dig a little deeper. Tip your head back. Yeah I can see it. That’s a juicy one. Let me get in there and dig. You want that hanging out of your nose all night? Dang that thing’s rooted in there good. I’m gonna need a miner’s helmet and a really big tweezers.”

She’s a model. You do that kind of thing for a model. You don’t want that coming up later in the evening. “I would have sex with you tonight but I’m mad cause you wouldn’t pick my booger.”

What you going to do? You pick the booger. You don’t even ask questions. You go right up there. Right in the middle of the hockey game. Matt Harvey, that’s a real man right there.


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