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Fenway Park is Getting a Sledding Hill

Boston Red Sox fans who’ve always dreamed of sledding inside Fenway Park, you are about to be very happy people. The Red Sox have announced that, as part of the upcoming Frozen Fenway event, a sledding and tubing hill is going to be erected inside the historic ballpark.

And yes, there is an artist’s conception:

Oh, that’s disappointing. When I read “sledding hill to be erected inside Fenway Park” I envisioned something coming down from the top of the Green Monster. Isn’t that what you have to do if you’re going to have Fenway sledding? I guess they’re worried about damage to the Green Monster.

It sucks that the Green Monster won’t be transformed into the White Monster, but hey, it’s still a sledding hill inside Fenway Park. Red Sox fans will flock there with their sleds and tubes to race down the ramp. Maybe some retired Red Sox players can show up to greet them at the bottom.

Tell Curt Schilling there’s a couple dollars in it for him and he’ll arrive at five AM to serve the fans hot cocoa and read them Christmas poems. Dude really needs the money. Like, bad.

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