Hyun-Jin Ryu Stars In the Greatest Ramen Commercial Ever Made


Ramen isn’t one of those things that really needs to be advertised. It’s Ramen. Everyone knows what it is. It’s there on the shelf. You eat it if you’re broke, lazy or don’t know how to cook anything more complicated.

I guess it’s different in Korea. Competition between different brands of Ramen is much more fierce. Celebrity endorsements are required.

Commercials must be made. Weird commercials full of vaguely unsettling sucking noises.

I learned only two things from this commercial. One, Hyun-Jin Ryu likes sucking down Ramen, possibly too much. Why are things in commercials always way more fun than in real life? It’s RAMEN. You don’t look like that when you eat it. You look sad and hungover. Nothing is that clean, ever.

Two, I never want to eat Ramen again as long as I live. Ramen is awful.

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