Sucker Punch Touches Off Brawl In Australian Baseball League Game


A brawl erupted in a game between the Brisbane Bandits and the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League. The scrum began as a disagreement between Sydney catcher Daniel Arribas and Brisbane’s Patrick Leonard after Leonard steamrolled Arribas at the plate while trying to score on a base hit.

Things escalated when the Bandits’ Joshua Roberts came tearing from the dugout and sucker punched Arribas.

As you can see from the video clip…it’s not exactly Thunderdome. Nope, Australian Baseball League brawls look pretty much like MLB brawls. A couple punches, a lot of jawing, and then lots of the umpires and managers standing around discussing what just happened.

No kangaroos with boxing gloves. No Crocodile Dundee whipping out a knife and saying “that’s a knife.” No guys with giant pink mohawks firing crossbows. Disappointing, Australia.

One question: who the hell is #34 on Brisbane? Dude is a giant!

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