Roy Halladay Went To an '80s-Themed Costume Party Dressed As Jamie Moyer

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is Roy Halladay in a Cubs uniform. Don’t get too excited Cubs fans, Halladay is not making a comeback on the North Side. Even if he were making a comeback, he’s old and washed up and you don’t want him anymore.

No, Halladay is not coming back as a Cubbie. Note the name across the back of the uniform. Yes, that is actually Roy Halladay dressed as Jamie Moyer. Yes, that is Halladay’s wife Brandi with him. No, this is not a glimpse into Brandi and Roy’s kinky sex life. Jamie Moyer role play? That would break the entire idea of kinkiness into a million pieces that could never be put back together again.

In fact, this image is from an ’80s-themed costume party. Halladay dressed as Moyer and everyone thought it was hilarious, including Moyer himself who tweeted the image.

They can mess with each other, they were teammates in Philadelphia. By the way, if I had to put money on either Halladay or Moyer coming back for 2014, I’d put the money on Moyer. He could still probably win 8 games throwing nothing but 60 MPH junk and spitters.

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