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Yates: Differences in NPB and MLB, Tanaka Talk

If the name Lyle Yates doesn’t ring a bell, no one would be excessively shocked. Yates served as Bobby Valentine‘s pitching coach when Bobby V was the manager for the Chibe Lotte Marines. There’s more to his resume’ and you can scan it over at He does have some pretty good credentials.

Now, Yates was a guest on MLB Network Radio and he was asked about a few subjects which are sure to grab your attention. Here’s a partial list of the subjects covered.

– On the differences in NPB and MLB pitchers and their routines. The subject of Masahiro Tanaka made it’s entrance here. The concern over Tanaka and his pitch count is a legit one especially, as Yates notes, when you enter in the number of pitches he threw at the high school level.
– On the thought that there are actually less injuries to pitchers in NPB. Yates noted that this is not true, but he also didn’t say if there were more.
– Yates stated that NPB believes repetition is better and this also covers pitchers. His insight into this is interesting.
– On what he would tell a MLB GM in regards to Tanaka if he were contacted. Two phrases stood out to me: “phenomenal pitcher” and “avoid a long-term contract”. It is worth noting that Yates does not believe in long-term deals, so that’s not a shock.

Here’s the audio. It’s five minutes that will pull the curtain back a tad more on the differences between NPB and MLB. The five minutes of audio is worth your time.

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I bring all of this to your attention not only because there are the references to Tanaka, but also because, last evening, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times tweeted that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are “still very interested” in Tanaka (H/T: Hardball Talk).

What? The Angels? I thought they didn’t have the funds to go after Tanaka? I mean, that could be a chunk of change. Well, that’s like we didn’t think Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton wouldn’t end up on their roster either. The fact the Angels are interested in Tanaka shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

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