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Alex Rodriguez Hung Out With Manny Machado at a Jay Z Show


Alex Rodriguez is that old guy who gloms on to the young guys because he wants to feel cool. He’s like Ben Stiller in Greenberg. Remember that scene where Stiller went to the party with all the college kids and got really coked up and was acting totally nuts? That’s A Rod.

Not accusing Rodriguez of doing cocaine. Just saying. He’s like Stiller in that movie. Pathetic and trying too hard.

I mean if you’re going to emulate Ben Stiller, don’t do Greenberg. Do Zoolander. Or Tony Wonder. A Rod should get a goatee and shave it into an “A” and dye it purple. And become a sexually confused magician.

Really, it’s the only way A Rod could possibly get douchier. If he became Tony Wonder.

Question: Did Manny Machado and his bros even know A Rod was there? The picture sort of looks like A Rod spied those guys together and just slid in next to them. They were like, “Who’s the old man? Let’s make friends with him and then jump him and kick his ass and steal his wallet.”

Why would Manny Machado want to hang out with A Rod? Is A Rod a hero to these young players? Bud Selig should send Machado a warning letter. Being seen with A Rod should be an automatic warning.

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