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Adam LaRoche Bagged a Mountain Lion While Bow Hunting

Baseball players enjoy their limited offseason time in a lot of different ways. Some like to chill in the sun. Some like to relentlessly work out. And then there’s Adam LaRoche, who likes to go out in the wilderness and shoot at large animals with a bow.

This was bad news for one particular mountain lion.

It’s not real manly back-to-nature stuff unless you pick up the carcass of the animal you just shot through the heart with an arrow, sling it over your shoulders and carry it back to camp.

Ron Swanson approves. PETA, probably not so much.

I’m not going to get into the whole debate over the ethics of shooting animals for sport. I just know that a stuffed mountain lion looks really great in the living room. It’s a heck of a conversation starter.

I wish I had a stuffed mountain lion. I would stand it next to the recliner and gently stroke its neck as I sipped my bourbon and stared into a crackling fire.

Dang, I almost feel like going out in the woods and killing something. But the heck with that. It’s freaking cold out there. And there are mountain lions.


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