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Armando Benitez, J.T. Snow and Jacque Jones Received Hall of Fame Votes


Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas are going to the Hall of Fame. Armando Benitez, J.T. Snow and Jacque Jones are NOT going to the Hall of Fame.

But Armando Benitez, J.T. Snow and Jacque Jones did receive Hall of Fame votes. Benitez and Jones were each named on one ballot apiece, and Snow was named on two.

Hideo Nomo was named on six. Which seems incredibly low to me. That guy pitched a no-hitter in Coors Field before they started screwing with the baseballs to make them not fly as far. How is he not a first ballot Hall of Famer?

It’s impossible to make a case for Armando Benitez, the possible record holder for most blown saves in history (I suppose I should look that up). J.T. Snow is weird too; his greatest accomplishment was saving Darren Baker from getting run over, and other than that…I’m blanking.

Jacque Jones is just stupid. All I remember about him is that he went to the Cubs and got mad cause the fans didn’t like him. He should have been happy he got out of Minnesota.

Kenny Rogers also got one Hall of Fame vote, I assume because he threatened to beat someone up.

Eric Gagne got two Hall of Fame votes, one for each testicle he sacrificed by doing all those steroids.

Luis Gonzalez got 5 Hall of Fame votes, one for each legit home run he hit in his career.

None of the people I’ve listed in this post were featured on the ballot Dan Le Batard “sold” to Deadspin. Conclusion? People who vote on websites as part of a huge obnoxious stunt take the process more seriously than certain of the people who are members of the BBWA.

But the Hall of Fame process is sacred and Dan Le Batard is an a-hole for making light of it? Oh. Okay.

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