Top 5 Under the Radar Free Agents Still Available

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Who are the top five under the radar free agents still available?

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As the calendar flipped over to 2014 clubs are preparing for spring training beginning next month, but that does not mean GMs are done improving rosters before the season. Many talented free agents are still available and with big names like Masahiro Tanaka, Nelson Cruz, Matt Garza, and Kendrys Morales getting most of the attention some talented and useful players are going unnoticed.

While teams would ideally like to be above average or above at every position, money does not grow on trees and not every spot can be filled with a superstar. Here are the top five players who seem to be flying under the radar in the free agent market.

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  • Matthew Jones

    I like Young a lot, but his problem right now is that he really should be a full time DH. Watching him play in the field last year was painful. Went to a game when the Phillies were playing the Braves, and he was like a statue at 3B. It was almost a contest to see who had the worst fielding, he or Uggla. Rough in the field, man.

  • Shane Armstrong

    I agree, I did not like him in the National League. I think if he can find an American League club where he can at least rotate at DH and other positions he will have a little more spring in his step on days where he is asked to take the field.