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Elvis Andrus Has Big League Beard Game


Texas Rangers star Elvis Andrus has entered the Major League Beard Wars and, woah, the rest of those guys better look out because Andrus has big time beard game. It’s on Mike Napoli.

What I like about Elvis is, he doesn’t just let the beard grow all wild and crazy. He keeps that tight. Andrus is proof that you can have a sweet beard and still bring grooming into the equation.

Some guys might argue it’s too much work keeping your beard and your head hair that tight. Better to just let things go the way they go. Let it all hang out. Elvis obviously disagrees.

I’m not saying either way is better, I’m just saying, both ways have their merits. Some guys want to look like they just came down out of the mountains after three years trapping beaver. Other guys, they like to tame that hair, shape it to their personality, really work at expressing themselves.

There is room for both approaches, I feel.

Other great thing about Elvis Andrus’ beard? If you turn his head upside down, he looks like the other Elvis. He basically has a pompadour and sideburns growing out of his chin.


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