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Justin Verlander and Kate Upton Went to a Flyers Game

Justin Verlander is mixing in a little recreation while he recovers from core muscle surgery following a December workout injury. Oh and he’s apparently dating Kate Upton again.

Or maybe they’re just really good friends who like going to hockey games?

Pretty much everyone sitting near Verlander and Upton at that hockey game felt compelled to take a picture of the couple and post it on the internet. Or at least tweet that they were sitting near Verlander and Upton. Because gawking at celebrities will always be a thousand times more entertaining than any mere sporting event. And bragging to your six Twitter followers just makes it better.

This guy’s dad’s best friend even got to hang out with Upton.


Completely unfair tasteless speculation: Was Verlander’s “workout injury” not really a workout injury? If you know what I mean.

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