NPB: Coco Balentien Arrested in Florida

It’s been more than a few hours since the news broke that Wladimir Balentien was arrested. An update followed a little while later, but no further reports have come out. One phrase keeps jumping out of the story from the Associated Press.

The couple’s young daughter was also there.

Not long ago at all, it would be perfectly normal for the baseball writer to roll out a list of successes on the diamond and wax poetic. There would be a smooth segue into a lengthy dissertation about how considerate and loving he was to his mother when she witnessed him making history last fall. The story would then include a quick aside about what an incredible gentleman he has been to every strata of the press corps – including yours truly. Naturally, one would need to briefly mention following him through the minors with the Mariners and how he was a darn good kid by all accounts. A solid stirring finish would be provided by a rich collection of anecdotes proving what a great teammate he has been over the years. These things might be true, but they really aren’t relevant at all.

The couple’s young daughter was also there.

Something awful happened this weekend in the life of a little girl. A little girl who doesn’t want her parents to fight anymore. That’s all that matters. That’s the only thing worth reporting right now.

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