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How Alex Rodriguez Could Help Independent Baseball

Alex Rodriguez could benefit more than just his career if he decides to play Indy ball.

After Alex Rodriguez was given a 162 game suspension, speculation has been flying around about what the former slugger will do as far as his playing career is concerned.

One possibility is that the Yankees could decide to keep him after his suspension and let him play out the rest of his contract. This would make sense financially as after his suspension he is due around $61 million over three years remaining on his contract. New York may not want to eat that large chunk of money and make Rodriguez earn his salary.

Another possible scenario would result in Rodriguez being released or traded from New York and attempt to play for another Big League club. The possibility that any Major League team would take the large risk of signing an aging slugger who has proven to be a clubhouse cancer is highly unlikely.

If Rodriguez doesn’t get any offers from the Majors, it is possible that he might be able to extend his career through Independent baseball. One of the few positive things people continue to say about A-Rod is that his passion for the game of baseball is unrivaled. If Independent ball is the only way he can extend his career it may not be too farfetched to see him attempt it.

Independent baseball leagues are professional baseball organizations located in the United States and Canada that are not operated in conjunction with either a Major League Baseball team or an affiliated minor league team. They are usually filled with young players that did not get drafted and are looking for another shot to make a big league squad, or injured/aging players trying to prove that they can still play.

A-Rod would not be the first player to attempt a comeback through independent baseball. In 2012 Roger Clemens pitched for the Sugar Land (Texas) Skeeters in the Atlantic League in an effort to show teams he could still perform. He did not end up making it back to the Majors, but his story was the big news of the summer and filled the seats in Sugar Land.

If A-Rod were to sign with an independent team it would be sure to attract a lot of attention. You can imagine that independent teams would welcome him with open arms. He will put butts in seats and he can teach young players a lot about what it takes to be a Major League player.

He can also help out others careers by being an attention getter. If Rodriguez goes to an independent team and thrives there might be MLB teams that will at least send representatives to look at him. That would provide a great opportunity for his teammates and opponents in the games he plays. The more eyes that come out to see him, the better the chance of talented players on his team also getting an opportunity to sign with a team. In a sense A-Rod could be helping out future MLB players while making his comeback.

There is no way to tell if A-Rod is seriously considering independent ball if he doesn’t sign in the MLB, but if he does he could be doing some good for cities that host independent teams and the players involved in whatever league he plays in.

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