Masahiro Tanaka Will Sign With New York Yankees


The decision has been made. And this time it’s real. Not just the figment of some over-zealous blogger’s imagination.

Masahiro Tanaka has made his choice. The Japanese superstar will twirl it in America as a member of…

The New York Yankees.

Ken Rosenthal reports that Tanaka will sign with the Pinstripers for seven years, $155 million. A key point: the deal will include an opt out after year four.

The final days of the Tanaka Watch were a whirlwind of rumors. The Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers were considered front runners at various points, with the White Sox and Astros also getting mixed in there.

But Tanaka-to-the-Yankees always felt like an inevitability. The  Yankees have a dire need for starting pitching. They have tons of money. They never get outbid when they really want someone.

They really wanted/needed Tanaka. Now they have him.

Tanaka gets not only big money from New York, he also gets the chance to pitch for a contender. And he is in a city with a large Japanese population as he reportedly wished.

Hopefully this union between Yankees and Japanese star pitcher will end better than the Hideku Irabu relationship.

Check out the Yankees Ticket Exchange to see Tanaka’s first game in Pinstripes for the 2014 season!

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