Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox left fielder Jonny Gomes inside of Fenway Park prior to the World Series parade and celebration. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jonny Gomes Defends Union, Crushes A-Rod


The baseball players union attempted to kick out Alex Rodriguez in the wake of his lawsuit, but were informed that would not be legal. So the players are taking out their A-Rod-rage in another way: by ripping him a new one in public.

Jonny Gomes of the Red Sox, not a shrinking violet, picked up the verbal pitchfork at Thursday night’s Boston Baseball Writers’ dinner and chased Frankenrod to the windmill.

“He does steroids or whatever, it sucks. He does this or that, it sucks. He’s always in the news, it sucks,” Gomes raved to the Boston Herald. “But this is the players’ union he’s going against. It’s all of us. Not a real good idea.”

Gomes continues, “I think what he had going on is pretty individual. He did it. It was his decision, his suspension. But I don’t think it’s really a good idea to go after our union. Down to my [bleeping] kids, down to the benefits we have, down to our retirement fund, the union makes our lives better. We pay dues to the union for our rights.”

A-Rod, if/when he does come back to baseball, will likely face a barrage of message-sending beanballs. Jonny Gomes may switch to pitcher just to fire one at A-Rod’s ear himself.

Gomes may run in from left field when A-Rod’s at the plate and sock him in the teeth. I think America would support this move.

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  • Bigchief

    Yea he might run from the outfield to punch him but most likely it will be from the dougout!

  • New_Core

    Look, i hate arod more than anyone. Ask Fansided, Disqus & WordPress. Half the things i write about arod, they will not print. But now he has been suspended. Let him serve the suspension and stop stickin the knife in and turning it. And who the hell is Jonny Gomes?? Never heard of him, so he must be NOBODY! Maybe he should spend his time learning how to spell his own name!

    • jfb1138

      You got something against the Portuguese? That’s how they spell the name.

      • New_Core

        I have nothing against Portuguese……….only stupid ones that play for the low life Sawx

        • disqus_7B5wJlcrGS

          Are you talking about that team that smoked all the others on the way to winning The World Series?

  • James North

    When a mediocre clown (Gomes) runs his simi-talented mouth about his betters, it really is boring. Go back to Petaluma, ya jackass. No one cares what you think.