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Yankee Stadium Has a Hockey Rink In the Middle Of It


The New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers are set to play a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. A hockey game of course requires an ice rink.

So, there’s now an ice rink in the middle of Yankee Stadium.

Ground normally patrolled by Derek Jeter has an ice rink built atop it, and that ice will soon be skated upon by toothless Canadians.

Can Steve Balboni drive the Zamboni? That would be the greatest thing ever.

And now, driving the Zamboni, Steve Balboni.

What Jerry Seinfeld could’ve done with those words. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Mix in guacamole, Elaine being set up with a first baseman and Kramer falling over something and, blammo, gotcha self an episode.


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