The Price of a Win in Baseball: The Big Spenders

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Now we know that there are some organizations that are not afraid to spend a buck or two. Some have exhibited success while others have stumbled.

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10. San Francisco Giants (436 wins, $565.5MM payroll, $1.297MM per win)
A pair of World Series victories (2010 and 2012) are also the only years the Giants have made the postseason. 2013 was the only time over the last five that San Francisco did not own a record above .50, so they have been winning.

9. Chicago White Sox (394 wins, $543.5MM payroll, $1.379MM per win)
From ’03-’06, they posted records above .500. Since then, the Pale Hose have been stuck in a “below .500, then above .500″ rut. In three of the five years their payroll was over the $100MM level. In the other two, the surpassed $95MM, so they aren’t necessarily afraid to spend.

8. Detroit Tigers (443 wins, $638.3MM payroll, 1.441MM per win)
The Tigers have the 7th most wins and the 6th most dollars devoted to their payroll for the five-year period. Three consecutive AL Central titles, a World Series appearance (2012), but no year with a record below .500. They win and they spend.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (435 wins, $644.4MM payroll, $1.481MM per win)
With $212.5MM already committed for the upcoming season, the Dodgers will surely see this number increase even if they accumulate 100 wins for 2014.

6. Los Angeles Angels (430 wins, $665.5MM payroll, $1.548MM per win)
Over the past two seasons, some big money has come from the pockets of owner Artie Moreno. And now we’re left to wonder about a deal for Mike Trout.

And now, the top 5…

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