Game Review - 9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

The product I have been so fortunate to review is the DRIOD MAXX. With pitchers and catchers reporting in less than a month, I thought it would be nice to look back at a couple of games and apps that have spraked some interest in me. Today, we’ll look at 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 by Com2uS. Yes, I am currently using the Andriod version of the game.


This is the initial screen upon opening the game. You instantly notice there are no logos on the hats and uniforms. That’s because this game is not endorsed by MLB, but it is by the MLBPA. Using player likenesses is always a bonus.

The next menu (not shown) will allow you to set up your season. I am currently taking part in a shortened 45 game season.


If I touch “Start Game”, the game will take me to my next scheduled game. But let’s quickly see what the other options have for us.

Cards – you can upgrade cards (through the use of points, more on that in a bit), combine cards in hopes of getting a better one, use points to pick a random card or set the cards of your team.
Store – In-game purchases can be made here. You can buy points, stars, items to aid your team and expansions for players and equipment…or even your cheerleader (which does play a small role).
Trade Market – if you have a Com2uS hub account, you can connect through here.
More – list your achievements and rankings. Also contains a quick guide for the game and a settings menu.

So, I touch “Start Game”. The following screen is where I land.


A quick explanation of the four choices you have from the image above:

League Mode – the league you set up upon opening the game for the first time
Friendly Mode – All the cards on your team – which you will select after entering this mode – are set to a certain level as you play a best of 5 series. You can also select the opposing team
Special Mode – Your current team v. special teams such as the 2012 NL or AL All-Star teams, the 2012 World Series teams (Detroit and San Francisco) or the LCS losing teams from 2012 (Texas and St. Louis)
Homerun Mode – Just what you think, home run derby-like. You select one player from your team and swing for the fences. Yes, 10 “outs”!


This is the interface of the game. You have the ability to control the batting, the pitching, both or auto play (the game will simulate the outcome). If you choose auto play, you’ll be missing out on some fun as well as potential bonus items and cards.

In the pitching interface (not pictured), you can attempt to pinpoint the location of your pitches, but in the above screen, we’re looking at the hitter’s interface. Touch the screen and the pitcher will deliver his pitch. You can elect three ways to hit a pitch, provided you swing (the swing interface will appear in the opposite batter’s box. In this case, it will show in the right-handed hitter’s side of the plate.):

1. touch the screen for a level swing
2. swipe up (for uppercut) or down (to beat the ball into the ground).
3. bunt – WAIT!!! WHO BUNTS??? Seriously, you can if you elect to do so. You can even try to push a bunt toward third or first base. These options appear at the bottom of the opposite batter’s box.

As you attain certain feats throughout the game (hitting a double, striking out a batter on three pitches, getting so many hits in a row, etc.), you will earn points. The total number of points can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of any screen as long as you are not playing a game as shown in the main menu screen up above. Same for the stars which I have yet to use. (I’m kind of frugal with free stuff you given at the beginning when on down the line, you must use in-game purchases to acquire more.)

As touched upon in reference to player cards, these points will prove valuable to level up your cards. You can also utilize in-game purchases to enhance the chances of your card upgrading, although I found that cards upgrade around a 90% clip without those specific purchases. The higher the level of the card you are attempting to upgrade, the more points it takes. Keep an eye on your points.

Oh, and your cheerleader can enhance your team with specific bonuses. No, you never see your cheerleader jumping on top of your dugout in between innings. You also have two items you can equip to help, too. Bonuses from both can be pitch control, bat contact, extra points earned, and more.

With a title involving 9 innings, I thought grading baseball games in the number of innings (based on 9) would be fitting, right?.

For me, 9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball rates 8 innings out of 9. It doesn’t quite close it out for me, but you can easily

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