Olympics Ring Fail Spawns Genius Astros Blast


Oh the poor poor Astros.

It sucks being the new kid. It sucks even worse being the new kid whose parents don’t have any money.

But neither of those things suck as hard as being the guy who designed the malfunctioning rings for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

You think your boss is tough. Imagine working for Vladimir Putin.

By the way, why is the Mariners ring the same size as the Angels, A’s and Rangers rings? What have the Mariners done lately?

The Astros have been in a World Series in living memory. The Mariners? They won 116 games and couldn’t even MAKE the Series.

The Mariners are glad to have the Astros around. Gives them someone to look down on.

Oh but they have Robinson Cano now. So it’s all good.

Enjoy fourth place, Mariners.


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