Masahiro Tanaka Took Over a Whole Boeing 787 For Flight to New York


We still don’t know what kind of pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will be in the big leagues. But we do know this about the young man: he sure knows how to travel in style.

That trip from Japan to New York can definitely be a long one: unless, like Tanaka, you have enough money to book an entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner for you, your wife, a couple friends…and your dog.

Tanaka, who recently signed a $155 million deal with the Yankees, reportedly slapped down 20 million yen – or about $200,000 – to make the Japan Airlines passenger jet, with all its 200 seats, into his own private charter for his Sunday flight to the States.

Tanaka is now in New York, all ready to get to work. The Yankees will introduce him on Tuesday and then it’s off to Florida for spring training.

The Yankees hope that when the season starts Tanaka will be able to earn the huge money they’re giving him. Either way, Tanaka will still get paid.

If he keeps shelling out dough at the rate he’s doing, even that $155 million won’t last long. He better slow down. Booking an entire jetliner so you and your posse and dog can travel unmolested by commoners? That’s rapper-level stuff.

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