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"Wolf of Wall Street" Contains Fenway Park-Related Gaffe


An eagle-eyed Reddit user picked up this funny gaffe in the Oscar-nominated Martin Scorsese movie The Wolf of Wall Street. See it?

You need to have seen the movie to really appreciate the mistake here. The picture shown is supposed to be an image of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and his dad, played by Rob Reiner, at Fenway Park some time in the ’70s.

Now you see the problem I’m sure. Those seats above the Green Monster? They weren’t there in the ’70s.

Someone forgot to do their research. Maybe the gaffe will be remedied via CGI in time for the Blu Ray release?

Okay so it’s not nearly as hilarious as the Stormtrooper hitting his head, but it’s still pretty amusing.

And it’s just a tiny little gaffe after all. It certainly doesn’t detract from what is in most ways an incredibly brilliant movie. Jonah Hill with a fake schlong? Classic.


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