Investigative Journalism: Per Spett Does Not Actually Look Like Jayson Werth


On Monday, the internet buzzed with the news that there was a Swedish skier at the Olympics who looked exactly like Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth.

Per Spett instantly became a big name. For having a lush beard like Jayson Werth. And for being pretty good at sliding down a snowy mountain on a pair of skis.

Unfortunately there was one problem with the story: Nobody had ever really seen Per Spett. They had only seen pictures of Per Spett wearing big old skiing goggles.

So did Per Spett really resemble Jayson Werth or was it just the beard? Hardcore journalist Dan Steinberg looked into the matter, and came to a rather sad conclusion:

No, Per Spett really doesn’t look like Jayson Werth. Once he takes the goggles off the illusion vanishes. It was just too beautiful to be real.

In one achingly sad moment, Per Spett went from being “the Swedish skier who looks like Jayson Werth” to “the Swedish skier with the beard who doesn’t really look like Jayson Werth.”

Maybe Spett could take up cooking, then he would be The Swedish Chef.

Oh wait, that’s taken too.

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