New York Post Gives Masahiro Tanaka Grief For $200,000 Poodle Flight


Masahiro Tanaka is getting a crash course in the craziness of the New York media. Check out the New York Post headline about Tanaka’s reported $200,000 private airliner flight from Tokyo to the Big Apple:

photo credit: New York Post

photo credit: New York Post

Tanaka reportedly had his poodle Haru with him on the chartered flight aboard a Boeing airliner. Sometimes these headlines just write themselves.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Haru the poodle really enjoyed the flight. “Haru gave it his all on this long trip,” Tanaka’s wife Mai Satoda wrote after the plane landed. “I think he’s rather tired . . . But I’m relieved that he’s eating and toileting OK.”

Yeah, flying on a plane can be pretty stressful for a poodle. But he’s toileting okay so, it’s all good.

Dog owners I’m sure can sympathize with Tanaka’s decision. Relegating your pooch to the baggage area, stuffed in there in a little cage all sad and miserable…well, no one wants to have to do that, especially for a long flight like Tokyo-to-New York.

Did Tanaka lay down the two-hundred grand just so his dog would be happy? Maybe he did. And I would be fine with it. No expense is too great when a man’s dog is at stake.

So New York Post, ease up okay? It’s his pooch. It’s his money.

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