September 18, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; A detail view of the commemorative base used to honor Pittsburgh Pirates former player Roberto Clemente (not pictured) in the Milwaukee Brewers and Pirates game at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Horrible, Awful, Evil People Destroy Elementary School Roberto Clemente Mural


Sometimes it’s wrong to label people with words like “evil” and “diabolical” and “just plain crappy human beings.” This is not one of those times.

This time, these labels are completely warranted. The jerk-offs in Orlando responsible for destroying the Roberto Clemente mural at Azalea Park Elementary School absolutely have earned it. And worse. But this is a PG13 blog.

The now-destroyed Clemente mural, created in 2011 by New York city muralist Hector “Nicer” Nazario, once proudly graced a concession stand wall at the elementary school’s ball park. This school is not situated in a rich neighborhood. The ball park doesn’t have a ton of amenities.

“Our kids, they go to fancy parks to play in the city, but we’ve got this mural,” said Little League coach Earl Lugo, the man who originally commissioned the art. “It would make us stand out. It would make us proud.”

But on Wednesday, someone painted over the mural. Completely erased this wonderful source of neighborhood pride. Obliterated this touching tribute to a great hero in the Latin-American community.

The question is, why would anyone do this? The possible answers are astonishing.

Folks initially speculated that the mural was painted over by someone associated with Quinco Baseball Academy, a company that helped rebuild the park after it fell into disrepair during times of economic hardship. But officials with the academy deny destroying the mural and say they are themselves outraged over the act.

Others have speculated that the mural was destroyed as part of “an internal Little League board dispute or confusion over what was allowed to appear on the walls and dugouts of the park.” In other words, bureaucratic nonsense.

So either evil capitalists or horrible bureaucrats are likely responsible for painting over the mural. It would almost be better if it were some random vandal.

Here’s hoping the culprits are found and the mural is repainted. In the meantime, Little Leaguers in Orlando are crying their eyes out. A great baseball hero has been insulted.

Adults just suck.

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