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MLB 14 The Show Screenshots Show Off Highly Detailed Beard Rendering


Was a time when it was okay for your video game baseball players to look like little 8-bit blobs, but those days are long-gone. Now fans expect insane levels of detailing. It’s not enough to just give Dustin Pedroia a beard, you have to be able to see every single hair in Dustin Pedroia’s beard.

Thanks to the power of PS4, baseball video games have now reached this ridiculous level of realism. Check out the screenshots from MLB 14 The Show.

Beard rendering, glorious beard rendering.


Wowzers. And I remember back when RBI Baseball came out on the N64 with the expansion pack, and I was like, “Holy crap the players sort of have the faces of real players.”

Now the faces are being rendered with such startling accuracy, it’s almost creepy.

And the grass. And the dirt. And the lighting effects.

And the expressions.


It’s just like being at the ballpark, except the hot dogs are cheaper and you don’t have to wait in line behind a bunch of drunks just to take a leak. Also you have control of the players, without needing to use your powers of telepathy that you got after that lightning hit.

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