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Skinny CC Sabathia Chills With Kanye West, Rick Ross


CC Sabathia may be getting skinnier but his roster of celebrity pals is just getting fatter…with a-listers.

Thursday morning, Sabathia posted this pic to Instagram. Oh it’s nothing, just skinny CC hanging out with Kanye West and Rick Ross at the listening party for Ross’s new album Mastermind.

Kanye tried to hide his identity but you can’t fool us. We’d know those crazy eyes anywhere.

Weirdly, the sight of skinny CC chilling with rappers has elicited shocked responses from some Yankee fans.

Instagram commenters lamented that CC is now “in,” which is apparently a bad thing? Another commenter worried that CC will now “turn like Cano.”

A CC defender implored all of these doubters to “jump off his nuts.”

That’s the kind of intelligent discussion you see on Instragram when athletes post images of themselves enjoying some time with their friends.

So what if Sabathia’s friends happen to be famous rappers? So what if Rick Ross is a fraud? So what if Kanye is a deranged maniac?

It’s all good, as I believe they say.

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