Rays Will Give Away Joe Maddon Mr. Potato Head On Aug 2

If you’ve ever wanted a Mr. Potato Head fashioned to sort of resemble Rays manager Joe Maddon, you will want to get yourself out to Tropicana Field on August 2nd, because the Rays will be giving them away for free.

You can also take in a baseball game while you’re there. If watching baseball games is your thing.

Personally, I like the Mr. Potato Head concept as an alternative to the bobblehead. The bobblehead has gotten tired, frankly.

The only bobblehead I’ve liked recently is the Hunter Pence one with the scooter. But that sort of proves my point. You have to freshen up the bobblehead by adding this extra accessory, which only points up how out-moded the bobblehead is as a promotional toy.

I suspect we will be seeing more Mr. Potato Heads in the coming years. A Bartolo Colon Mr. Potato Head would be fricking awesome.

I would stand in line eight hours for a Bartolo Colon Mr. Potato Head. I’d even sit through four innings of a Mets game.

Well, three. Three innings. Let’s not get crazy.

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