Video: Insane Bat-Swinging Brawl Erupts During Cuban Baseball Game


They take their baseball very seriously in Cuba, and they also take their brawls very seriously, as evidenced by this insane video of the scrum that erupted in that country Monday night.

The pitcher is Freddy Alvarez of Villa Clara. The batter getting buzzed is Victor Mesa of Matanzas (he happens to be the son of the team’s manager Victor Mesa Sr.). The guy swinging the bat around like a crazy person is Mesa’s Matanzas teammate Demis Valdes.

Note that Valdes was not even in the game at the time of the scrum. He grabbed a bat from the dugout and ran out to get himself a piece of Alvarez. Maybe trying to win brownie points with the manager by defending his son?

The fight lasted five minutes in all, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America, and it took another 16 minutes after that for the umps to sort everything out and get the teams back to playing baseball.

I don’t know that it matters to anyone, but Matanzas went on to win 3-0.

Note to baseball players: nothing good ever comes of grabbing a weapon before diving into a scrum. Just ask Juan Marichal. He went after John Roseboro with a bat once, and still hasn’t lived that down even though it’s been nearly fifty years.

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