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Scott Boras now taking shots at Toronto Blue Jays

The agent among agents, or “super-agent” as some proclaim him, Scott Boras continues his Winter of Discontent tour. His latest target: the Toronto Blue Jays.

According to a report from Ken Rosentahl of FOX Sports, Boras stated that the Blue Jays ownership, Rogers Communications, possesses an “asset base” like no other team in the league.

Oh, there’s more (per Rosenthal):

“It’s a premium city. It’s a premium owner with equity. And it’s a very, very good team that with additional premium talent could become a contending team.

“They’re a car with a huge engine that is impeded by a big corporate stop sign . . . a successful and committed ownership that needs to give their baseball people financial flexibility.”

Not sure if Boras checks out the Internet, because if he did, he would surely realize that as of late, the Blue Jays have spent. Maybe not where Boras would like them to spend.

Toronto’s opening day payroll for 2012 was $83.7MM. Through a couple of trades (Miami and the Mets) and free agents signings (Melky Cabrera and Maicer Izturis), Toronto’s 2013 OD payroll was $25MM+ higher than 2012 at $119.3MM. For the upcoming season, the Jays already have $132.6MM committed (according to Cot’s), and it could approach the $140MM mark. That would be the highest in franchise history. Even if the Jays don’t add another cent for 2014, the current committed would break the mark.

And this would appear to fall in line what Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos told Rosenthal.

“Our ownership has been outstanding and given us all the resources we need.”

And I’m not positive if Boras is attempting to find the means to get one of his two remaining big name free agents on the Toronto payroll. If that’s the case here, he may as well try another tactic. It is worth noting that Cot’s does not show any Boras client currently on the Jays payroll. Neither does MLB Trade Rumors’ agency database.

Neither Kendrys Morales nor Stephen Drew seem to be a fit for the Jays. Drew could if a position change (second base) is in store. If Drew wouldn’t be up to a position switch, I sincerely doubt Jose Reyes would approve of one either.

So is Scott Boras barking up the wrong tree? Maybe the better question: What’s he trying to prove this time?

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