Jan 31, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington (right) and former Texas Ranger Michael Young address the media at a press conference at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Washington launches into profane tirade after reporter questions bunting

Sacrifice bunting as any stat geek will tell you is a terrible terrible idea. The approach in the short term may make you look like a tactical wizard on par with Stonewall Jackson but in the long run it will get you nowhere.

That new school point-of-view may not set well with certain old-timey-thinking baseball types who view the sacrifice bunt as one of the most mustache-twirlingly sneaky weapons in their entire arsenal.

Ron Washington is clearly one of the old-timey-thinking types, cause he sacrifice bunts all the time. Recently Washington was questioned by a reporter about his affection for the sacrifice bunt and Washington did not react well.

“I think if they try to do that [tell me not to bunt], they’re going to be telling me how to [bleep] manage,” Washington said according to Gil Lebreton of the Star-Telegram. “That’s the way I answer that [bleep] question. They can take the analytics on that and shove it up their [bleep][bleep].”

Washington wasn’t finished. He got so mad he started going all third person and even dropped a vague accusation of racism. “Mike Scioscia dropped 56 sacrifice bunts on his club, the most in the league, and he’s a genius,” the skipper raved. “But Ron Washington dropped 53 and he’s bunting too much? You can take that analytics and shove it.

“I do it when I feel it’s necessary, not when the analytics feel it’s necessary, not when you guys feel it’s necessary, and not when somebody else feels it’s necessary. It’s when Ron Washington feels it’s necessary. Bottom line.”

All right so clearly Ron Washington is not going to stop sac bunting like it’s the dead ball era. That much is clear.

We can debate all night about the merits of the sac bunt, but one thing we can all agree on? Ron Washington is awesome when he’s ticked.

Keep on sacrifice bunting Ron Washington. And keep on being totally unreasonable any time someone rightfully questions your logic.

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