Today is Harry Caray's 100th birthday. Celebrate with beer. And clips.

Legendary broadcaster and party man Harry Caray would have been 100 years old today…had he not died from heart failure in 1998.

If you’re raising a toast to Harry today, make sure you make it a Budweiser. If you’re looking for clips…look no further, cause I’ve got ten of them.

1. Rapping Harry

Oh my goodness those cheesy commercials they used to make.

2. Harry in the bleachers

Harry singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” from his favorite perch in the bleachers. And then interviewing Tommy Lasorda (who makes kind of a racist joke about Pedro Guerrero).

3. Harry with the White Sox

Before he was a diehard Cubs fan, Harry was a diehard White Sox fan. Harry was willing to die hard for any team willing to pay him.

4. Harry Caray can’t say “Grudzielanek”

Harry famously struggled to pronounce certain names. No single name gave his mouth more problems than “Grudzielanek.”

5. “Some day the Cubs will be in the World Series.”

Harry knew his role. He was the voice of the fan. His job was to cheer when the Cubs did something good, and rip them if they did something bad (and Harry was never shy about ripping them). And sometimes his job was to console.

6. Harry rips Cracker Jacks

Harry Caray reveals his true feelings about Cracker Jacks. It’s shocking.

7. “The handsome youngster from Mount Prospect”

20 glorious minutes of Harry calling a Twins-White Sox game in the late ’70s.

No embed code for this one, just a link. Harry is in rare form.

8. Harry hangs with Bill Murray

Stirring interview.

9. Reds and Cubs get into a scrum, Don Zimmer gets tackled, Harry is amused by Billy Connors’ pants problems.

The fun stuff starts around the 43 minute mark. Skip ahead to 1:07:00 (or so) and enjoy Harry’s hysterical reaction to Billy Connors’ pants issue.

10. Harry calls the Sandberg game

All true Cubs fans know the Sandberg game.

A final message: On behalf of all Harry Caray fans, please Ryan Dempster and others, stop doing your hacky impersonations of Harry. You suck.

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