Sep 23, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (4) makes a play during the second inning against the New York Mets at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Local Cincinnati writer fires back at Brandon Phillips


Local Cincinnati media have a message for Brandon Phillips after he announced he will not be speaking to local Cincinnati media, and that message is, “So bleeping what?”

In a piece that likely echoes the sentiments of the majority of Cincinnati writers and on-air people, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer informed Phillips why his promise to go “media mute” doesn’t matter.

Phillips took particular umbrage at criticisms from the media about his declining play in 2013, pointing out in his own defense that he was injured after being hit on the hand by a pitch, and accusing the media of overlooking that fact.

John Fay’s response to Brandon Phillips:

Phillips isn’t talking to me, C. Trent Rosecrans, Mark Sheldon and Hal McCoy because he says we wrote that he struggled in the second half without mentioning he was playing hurt.

Phillips can talk or not talk. That doesn’t matter to me. There will be 24 players on the roster who will talk. But the notion that we didn’t write about his injury is blatantly false.

Fay cites examples where he did mention Phillips’ injury as a reason for his drop in performance. He also praises Phillips for playing through the pain.

Selective perception much, Brandon Phillips?

I love when athletes take valid criticisms personally and fight back by making it even more personal.

I love it when they claim they’re not going to talk to the media. It’s like Shia LaBeouf saying he’s going to retire from public life and five minutes later announcing his new art installation.

If you want to be silent Brandon Phillips, just be silent. Do you think anyone would even notice?

Like we’re going to be sitting there one day when it suddenly hits us, “Hey, I haven’t heard Brandon Phillips say anything lately. I wonder what’s up?”

Just play second base Brandon Phillips. Swing your little baseball bat and run around your little bases.

And the next time some media person says something you don’t like? Remember that you have the choice to ignore it.

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  • John

    Good article. Brandon Ocho-Phillips would be well served to concentrate on baseball and lose the antics. Tho, gotta love the level of self-absorption thinking that not talking to media is going to hurt everyones feelings. I (like many fans) already prefer the quiet, working BP as opposed to last years selfish, BP against the Reds, jerk we all witnessed. Seriously, someone set up a call with Chad Johnson…bet he’d be more than happy to cite first hand experiences of his own as to why BP needs to grow up.

  • rbarr1951

    Phillips is a great player and I read some of the articles written but I’m not sure who wrote them now and they were acting like he was on his last leg and the Reds would be lucky to get a AA player for him. That said I think the Reds writers should have taken one for the team and let this thing blow over so he is not pressing when the season starts or upset to the point to affects his play. It would be hard to replace his defensive skill set witha player with his offensive skill set regardless of what some think. His feelings are hurt and this does not bickering back and forth does not do him or the team any good and the writers will not drive in one run this season so they need to take the hit and shut up. I see some think he needs to grow up but that goes both ways and the writers need to grow up also and let the players play and win games. If we have a writer who can replace him on the field fine put him in but if not the writers will not win one game or drive in one run this season so take one for the team.

  • Alderson Smith

    Phillips is one of the best 2nd basemen in the game and a great fan favorite, and Fay is a terd, so, who the Hell cares what he thinks. He’s a NOTHING.

  • Tim Mahorney

    Just happened upon this article, never heard of Zinski before. I gather that this is a print version of talk radio. I say that because this is the most sophomoric piece I’ve read in a long time. His juvenile counter attack is less than amusing, half expected him to say nah, nah nuh, nah nah. Not agreeing or disagreeing with Phillips, but this supported his argument.

  • captain Vern

    Well I’ll just take my toys and go home. Those so called writers can go stuff their lofty noses where the Sun don’t shine. My man drives in over 100 runs and is only spectacular at second base. I’m with you BP,

  • Dew it All Dude

    Brandon Phillips has been nothing but big league since coming to Cincy. He hustles, he takes nearly no days off, hits wherever he is put in the lineup, does not beg off or whine about injuries, and still wins gold gloves and produces runs at the plate as well or better than most of the players in the league. Is he Joe Morgan? No. But he is a future reds Hall of Famer. I like his competitiveness, Oh by the way last Mothers’ Day in Cincy he was the ONLY player signing programs before the game. It was cold, and all the prima donas were hiding in the clubhouse, but not Brandon, he was smiling and joking with my son and everyone as he signed programs, balls, hats etc… The man gets it. I think in many ways he is very under appreciated and taken for granted here. I for one will be sorry if he gets moved out. By the way, he did get low balled on his contract, he actually loves it in Cincy, and gave us a break, he should have held out for more or walked. But he did’nt, and our sports writers treated him bad. I get it, you are not paid to write like “Homers” all the time, but kicking Brandon when he is down- playing through injury, was a bit cold hearted.
    When he wins another gold glove, and perhaps a silver slugger, hits .290 with 27 taters and 106 RBI’s, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to miss him talking smack about the Cardinals and keepin’ it real in heat of a pennant race.
    Thank you for Brandon’s tweets etc. he is fun loving and a good ball player and I will follow his deeds and misdeeds on the field even if you guys in the media can’t. Your loss because he is a live wire and good for making news! DatdudeBP is my family’s favorite. Here is to wishing all the Reds a great season! Win them one at a time, and win your last game too, hopefully it’s in October!